Industrial Wales and Monmouthshire
Ebbw Vale
From Pen-y-fan through Cwm, Ebbw Vale and Beaufort to Rassau
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The Industrial Archaeology and history of Ebbw Vale, Beaufort and Cwm

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Victoria Tramway to Lower Woods - The Leftovers
Victoria Incline
SO 1700 0745
The incline ran half a mile from behind the coke ovens at Victoria Ironworks up to quarries and levels on the Western hillside. It was in operation before 1880 and until after 1920. The route is clear for most of it's length, running beside a public footpath.
Incline top and engine house
SO 1689 0679
The foundations of the engine house and its boiler are at the top of the incline, along with a large cast flywheel and the stub axle that may have held the winding wheel. The tramway continued South up to 1901 but after that only a spur to the Northern quarry remained, another spur to levels to the North already being disused.
Furnace level and chimney
SO 1698 0654
About 8ft of the chimney stands beside the tramway and below the tramway the entrance to the level iself exists. It is blocked just beyond the chimney but the furnace area is clear and there are grooves in the wall where the ventilation barriers were. A little further along are foundations and retaining walls on the site of the main adit.
Funicular Railway station
SO 1703 0634
The 1992 Garden Festival had a funicular railway which ran to this station, which is still complete. The trackbed can be followed down to Festival Park. This is roughly the route of the original tramway until it gets lost in the re-development. The footpath to the right just before Troed-rhiw-clawdd skirts Festival Park and leaads you to.....
Lower Woods
SO 1777 0558
The tramway can be found again at the far end of Festival Park and caarries on South past old quarrying activity and a numbers of small levels and their tips, ending at SO 1808 0522, the last of the levels.

Waun Lwyd and Silent Valley - The Leftovers
Silent Valley Incline
SO 1784 0732
The incline was constructed in the 1920-30s, connecting the Victoria Foundry with tips in Silent Valley. The tips have been removed and the area is used as a refuse tip.
Incline footbridge
SO 1770 0734
Steel footbridge taking a footpath over the incline.
Incline subway
SO 1798 0730
A concrete subway taking the incline under a mountain track. It appears to have had separate passages for each direction and is now used as an animal shelter.
Incline upper section
SO 1810 0729
The upper section has the remains of sleepers and lengths of the haulage cable.
SO 1808 0743
The reservoir was in existence by 1880 feeding a string of linear reservoirs running along the hillside below, presumably feeding the original ironworks. A concrete spillway exists at the Southern end and another about halfway along. This area was being 'prettified' in 2010.

Ty Llwyn, Bwlch-y-garn and Red Ash Collieries - The Leftovers
Red Ash level
SO 1825 0847
The main adit at the end of the tramway from the incline top with a branch tramway running back to the second adit at SO 1823 0877
Red Ash incline top
SO 1815 0870
Site of brakehouse and tips from a small quarry used for its construction.
Red Ash incline
SO 1800 0893
Substantially built incline on embankments at both ends and a cutting in the centre. A length of rail is visible at the lower end of the cutting (2010)
Red Ash incline tipping dock
SO 1783 0918
The tipping dock appears to be stone built and connected with the Beaufort tramway just beyond Bwlch-y-garn Pit.
Bwlch-y-garn Pit
SO 1780 0926
Now part of the farm, some indistinct foundations and the Pit reservoir remain. This pit was something of a deathtrap, 7 colliers aged 15 to 50 being killed between 1861 and 1874, the coroner reporting their deaths very coldly, You can read the reports on the website.
Bwlch-y-garn tramway
SO 1772 1018
This is a good section of the trackbed of the tramway which ran to SO 1819 1110 and then reversed down to the Beafort tramway. The route northwards has been landscaped.

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