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Oh dear - That's torn it!


The organisation of the website had grown like 'Topsy' and had become unsutainable.
So I have re-named the folders and re-designed the site on a much more logical and expandable basis.
You will find that old links from search engines may not work but the should get you to where you wanted.
Alternatively going to the will help you.

Or something has gone wrong with the links......

Alternatively I may have mis-typed something as my spelling does go all wonky-donkey now and again so

and follow the links from there. Hopefully things will work properly, otherwise please let me know.

If you were looking for one of my other sites then for


Please let me know where you were before you ended up here, drop me a line at
industrialmon @ gmail . com
(but leave out the spaces and avoid being classed as spam)

Many thanks,
Phil Jenkins

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